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Will Colors of Enameled Wire Influence Its Application


The color of the enameled wire is barely not relevant t […]

The color of the enameled wire is barely not relevant to the performance and usage. It is mainly classified by insulating materials and specific application.

Enameled wire is a major type of winding wire, composed by two parts, conductor and insulation. After annealing and softening the bare wire, and then after many times of painting and baking. Color will not affect the actual use, only the diameter of the enameled wire or thickness of the film will affect the amount. General enameled wire (common wire) is mainly used for general motor, electrical appliances, instrumentation.

Winding wires used in transformers and other work occasions such as: polyester enameled wire, modified polyester enameled wire. According to the conductor material, there are 2 types which is copper, aluminum and alloy wires. According to the material shape, there are 3 types which is round, flat and hollow wires. According to the insulation thickness, there will be 3 types which are thin film-1, thick film-2, heavy thick film-3 for round wires.

Enamel wire is an excellent insulation material for copper wires because of its high . breakdown potential, its high electrical resistance, its slight absorption of water, its unusual thinness and its good mechanical and chemical properties. In this article details are given about these properties of enamel wire.

Copper has better conductivity than aluminium, so its heat losses are lower. Making connections to a cooper winding is easier than doing it to an aluminium winding wire. On turn aluminiun is lighter that cooper and its heat capacity is about three times the one of copper, this allowing aluminiun to whistand better current overloads.

These enamelled copper wire wires have an outer layer of bond able material which is usually thermoplastic and bonds the wires surfaces with each other once heated to the bonding temperature of the outer layer.

The advantage of enameled aluminum wire is light weight isthe weight of copper wire. enameled aluminum wire product is widely used inelectrical tools, ballasts, automotive electronics, refrigeratorand air conditioner compressor motors, television sets, electricstove, microwave ovens, various transformers, and other kinds ofelectronic coil motors, electrical appliances.

There is no need to distinguish between all the colors. But usually through intuitive observation, the golden yellow represents high thermal class enameled wire, dark brown is the common enameled wire. Xinyu can produce both types of enameled wires according to details requirements, if you’re probably in need, please feel free to contact us.