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Xinmu Enameled Wire Meet the Needs of Various Applications


Xinyu Enameled Wire is a winding wire in important cate […]

Xinyu Enameled Wire is a winding wire in important categories. Pre-used cotton yarns and yarns are called yarn wrapped yarns and covered yarns for motors and electrical appliances. Due to the insulating thickness and low heat resistance, most have been replaced by enameled wires. It is only used as a high frequency winding wire. In large and medium-sized winding wires, when the heat resistance is high and the mechanical strength is large, a glass fiber covered wire is also used, and the production is matched with an appropriate adhesive coating.

The enameled wire must meet the needs of various applications and production skills. On the one hand, including its shape, standard, can be used in short-term and long-term operation at high temperatures, as well as accepting severe vibrations and centrifugal forces at high speeds in some occasions, high pressure resistance to corona and breakdown, special chemical resistance of wires, etc.; This includes the need for stretching, twisting, and wear during winding and embedding, as well as swelling and erosion during dipping and drying.

The enameled wire is coated on the conductor with a corresponding coating solution, and then solvent evaporation and paint curing are performed and the cooling is effected. Enameled wire is divided into polyester enameled wire, polyesterimide enameled wire, polyamideimide enameled wire, polyimide enameled wire, polyesterimide/polyamideimide enameled wire, and corona-resistant Halo silk, paint, acetal paint, polyurethane enameled wire and so on. Sometimes classified according to their use, such as self-adhesive enameled wire, low temperature enameled wire, etc.

When the heat-resistant grade needs to exceed the limit of the organic material, the wire is generally coated with an inorganic insulating paint. Existing inorganic insulated wires can be further divided into glass film wires, oxide film wires and ceramic wires.