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Xinyu Copper Enameled Wire Has Obvious Advantages


A large-scale professional manufacturer of a full range […]

A large-scale professional manufacturer of a full range of enameled wire and high-precision copper pipe products in China, the enameled wire products are "Chinese famous brand" products. Xinyu Enameled Wire is committed to becoming the largest and most thorough enameled wire supplier in China; China's largest resource-saving and innovative learning model Copper product processing and copper alloy production and export base. Efforts will be made to realize the harmonious development of society, enterprises and employees, and win-win cooperation between enterprises, customers and shareholders.

The primary operating policies at this stage are as follows: Adhere to technological innovation, speed up the industrialization speed of research and development, vigorously develop new products with higher technology and higher added value, and adhere to the preemptive advantages of product technology in China.

The quality of enameled wire, although it depends to a large extent on the quality of raw materials such as paints and enameled wires and the objective conditions of machinery and equipment, but if the operation does not carefully deal with a series of problems such as baking, annealing, speed, and know their relationship I am not sure of the operation skills. All along, the harsh competition in shopping malls has made it difficult for home appliance companies to find the best way to reduce their capital. As an important part of many home appliances, the decline in the price of this product is obvious about the importance of home appliance companies. After interviewing a number of upstream and downstream enterprises, the reporter found that the task of reducing the cost of electric motors has been not a small development. In the meantime, the aluminum enameled wire (hereinafter referred to as aluminum wire) has become the first and most effective way to become a professional. Aluminum price advantage has become the main reason

In China's home appliance motor industry, the motor enameled wire core material has always been dominated by copper. Copper Enameled Wire (hereinafter referred to as copper wire) has obvious advantages: high electrical conductivity, sophisticated craftsmanship and reliable quality. However, in recent years, the continuous rise in the price of raw materials such as copper has made home appliance companies feel bad.