Xinyu Enameled CCA Wire: Advantages and Applications

Summary: Enameled CCA wire is a new magnet wire with CCA Core, it combines the good copper conductivity and ...
Enameled CCA wire is a new magnet wire with CCA Core, it combines the good copper conductivity and aluminum light weight . So that can greatly reduce the cost of winding wire, ECCA wire with the copper layer is not easy to oxidation and easy to welding.
Advantages of Enameled CCA Wire
1. DC resistivity: The DC resistivity of CCA wire is approximately 1.45 times that of copper wire; with the same resistance, CCA wire is about 1/2 heavy of copper wire.
2. Supreme solderability; with a coat of pure coat,the Enameled CCA wire boasts the same brazeability ad the pure copper wire,no need for special treatment,meanwhile,Enameled CCA wire is coated witha thick copper layer to ensure that the solderbility shall not be harmed during the scrape
3. Light weight: The density of CCA wire is 1/3 of copper wire of the same diameter; very effective to reduce the weight of cables and coils.
Application range of copper clad aluminum enameled wire:
1. Used to make windings that require lightweight, high relative conductivity, and good heat dissipation, especially windings that transmit high-frequency signals.
2. High-frequency transformers, ordinary transformers, inductance coils, motors, household motors, and micro-motor enameled wires.
3. The rotor coil of the micro motor adopts enameled wire.
4. Special magnet wire for audio coil and optical drive.
5. Magnet wire used for the deflection coil of the display.
6. Electromagnetic wire for degaussing coil.
7. Magnet wire used for internal coils of mobile phones and driving parts of watches.
8. Other special electromagnetic wires.
Compared with pure copper enameled wire, Enameled copper clad aluminum enameled wire has obvious advantages, if you want to know more information, please visit