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Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire (High Conductivity)


The Enameled Copper Wire supplier: xinyu-enameledwire i […]

The Enameled Copper Wire supplier: xinyu-enameledwire is a leading manufacturer and distributor of magnetic products. we supply all types of enameled wires. Enameled wire is a wire coated with a thin layer of insulation to prevent the wire surfaces from being in a short circuit when wound into coils. The enameled copper wire from xinyu-enameledwire is very popular.

Performance Features of Enameled Copper Wire

--High conductivity, high heat resistance
--Shock resistance, corrosion resistant
--Excellent durability, durable resistant
--Superior strength, reliability
--Rust resistant, affordability
--Low maintenance

Main Application of Enameled Copper Wire

--Lighting fixtures
--Solenoid Valves
--Electrical Appliance
--Industrial Electronics
--Pumps & Fans Motor...etc.
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--Factory Direct Sale
--QC dept 100% detection
--Good after sale service
--Perfect set of test equipment
--Fast and on-time delivery
--Free sample

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