Xinyu Enameled Wire and Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

Summary: Enameled wire is a main type of winding wire. It is composed of a conductor and an insulating layer...
Enameled wire is a main type of winding wire. It is composed of a conductor and an insulating layer. After the bare wire is softened by annealing, it is painted and baked many times.
Enameled wire is the main raw material for products such as motors, electrical appliances and household appliances. Especially in recent years, the electric power industry has achieved sustained and rapid growth. The rapid development of household appliances has brought a broader field to the application of enameled wires. Higher requirements are put forward for enameled wire.
Simple difference method between copper enameled wire and copper clad aluminum enameled wire
Take a small piece of enameled wire and burn the end of the wire directly with a lighter. When the burned end of the wire turns into gray or gray slag, the wire is copper-clad aluminum enameled wire; when the burned end of the wire becomes a ball or only the paint layer is burned to reveal red Metal wire, this wire is copper enameled wire. This method is also suitable for identifying multi-strand pure copper core and copper-clad aluminum core insulated wires.
What are the advantages of using copper clad aluminum wire?
1. It can save a lot of costs, improve the competitive advantage of products, and increase considerable economic benefits for enterprises.
2. According to the skin effect, when the AC frequency reaches 5MHZ, the AC resistance of using copper-clad aluminum wire and copper wire is exactly the same, that is, using the same wire diameter as copper wire at this time will not affect its electrical performance. When the frequency of alternating current is higher, copper clad aluminum wire is used, and the influence of its resistance will be less and less; when the frequency of alternating current reaches 5MHZ, the influence of resistance can be ignored.
3. Meet the requirements of the market in terms of performance
For enameled wire, copper has better electrical conductivity, higher tensile strength, and higher temperature resistance than aluminum. However, the disadvantage is that copper is expensive and heavier than aluminum.Click to learn more information.