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If the copper wire is not oxidized, the copper wire at […]

If the copper wire is not oxidized, the copper wire at high temperature should not be in contact with the oxygen in the air, so there must be shielding gas. Most annealing furnaces are watertight and open on the other end. The water in the annealing furnace sink has three functions: it closes the furnace mouth, cools the wire, and steam is generated as a protective gas. When the car just started driving, the water vapor in the annealing tube is very small and the air can not be removed in time. A small amount of alcohol solution (1:1) can be poured into the annealing tube. (Be careful not to pure alcohol and control the amount used).

Casting→annealing→painting→baking→cooling→lubrication→take-up on a normally-operated enamelling machine. Most of the energy and energy of the operator is consumed in the pay-off part. Exchange the pay-off plate to make the operator pay a lot In the labor force, the joints are prone to quality problems and operational failures when changing lines. The effective method is large-capacity payline.

The key to releasing the wire is to control the tension. When the tension is large, not only the conductor is pulled, but also the surface of the wire is lost, which also affects many properties of the wire. From the appearance point of view, the attenuated wire, the coated enameled wire luster is poor; from the performance point of view, enameled wire elongation, resilience, flexibility, thermal shock are affected.

The tension of the pay-off line is too small, and the wire easily leaps to cause the line and line to hit the mouth of the furnace. When the line is put off, it is most afraid of the half circle tension, and the half circle tension is small. This not only loosens the wire and breaks the wire, but also causes the wire to sag, and it also causes the large jump of the inside of the oven, resulting in the line and line failure. Tension should be uniform and appropriate. Installing a power-assisted wheel in front of the annealing furnace has great help in the control of the tension.

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