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Xinyu Enameled Wire Gives Our Quality Life


When the paint line protrudes from the felt, a gravity […]

When the paint line protrudes from the felt, a gravity effect is also produced during the painting process. If the rounding time is short, the olive-shaped sharp corners will quickly disappear, the gravitational effect will be short, and the conductor coating will be uniform. If the wire size is smaller, the viscosity of the paint is smaller, and the time required for rounding is less. If the wire size is increased, the viscosity of the paint will increase, and the round time will be large. If the rounding time is longer, the sharp angles at both ends are longer, and the gravitational action time is longer.

The paint layer at the sharp corners tends to turbulent downward, which will increase the thickness of the paint layer in the local area. The tension forces the paint to become a sphere and become a granule. Due to the effect of gravity, when the paint layer is thick, it is very prominent, so it is impossible to draw too thick for each layer of paint. This is one of the reasons why the paint line is coated with a thin layer of paint.

In high-viscosity paints, sometimes the surface tension does not overcome the internal friction of the paint, resulting in uneven paint surface. If there is a fine burr on the wire, under the action of the surface tension, the burr is not easy to be colored, and it is easy to lose the refinement, resulting in pinholes of the enameled wire. If the round line itself becomes an ellipse, under the action of additional pressure, the painting and lacquer layer are thin at both ends of the long axis of the ellipse, and thick at the two ends of the short axis, forming a distinct unevenness, so the circle using the Enameled Wire. The round copper wire should meet the requirements. Xinyu are expert in enameled wire area. We only do quality products. Choose us, and we give you a quality life.