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Xinyu Enameled Wire Has Different Performance


The enamelled wire is wound into a coil, which usually […]

The enamelled wire is wound into a coil, which usually goes through the process of impregnation. The solvent impregnation in the film has different degrees of swelling, especially at a high temperature. In the application after the winding impregnation, the compatibility has a great influence on the life of the electric appliance, electric appliance and instrument. In use. Winding may contact with the surrounding a variety of media, such as contact with refrigerant in the refrigeration unit, with chemical plant in various chemical gas contact, the media has different degrees of corrosion to the paint film, salt fog of Marine electrical products enamelled wire can produce chemical corrosion, etc., so xinyu Enameled Wire membrane has good chemical stability.

Enamelled wire can be divided into enamelled copper wire and enamelled aluminum wire according to conductor material. According to the shape of conductor, it can be divided into enameled round wire, flat wire or special-shaped wire. According to the type of insulation film into oil, acetal, polyester and so on. Enamelled wires are usually named after the shapes and materials of insulation materials and conductors.

During the formation of coils and enamelled wires, enamelled wires, fixtures and enamelled wires rub against each other and are bent, stretched or compressed. Therefore, the coating of enameled wire requires good abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and good adhesion to the conductor.

In order to facilitate manufacturing and processing, enamelled wire is required to have good flexibility, flexibility and bending, so that the coil is not easy to deform after forming. Modern high speed automatic winding machine also requires smooth surface of enameled wire, small friction coefficient, especially for special purpose enamelled wire. When the motor is running, the winding is subjected to impact, vibration, centrifugal force, thermal expansion and overload stress, which requires the enameled wire to have certain tensile strength.