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Xinyu Enameled Wire Has Good Chemical Resistance


Enameled Wire factories usually use self-lubricating pa […]

Enameled Wire factories usually use self-lubricating paints with lubricating side chains (self-lubricating paint materials with lubricating side chains). Because self-lubricating lacquers containing free lubricants are inconvenient to use, they require constant agitation to achieve uniformity in order to achieve good lubrication (self-lubricating lacquer material structure with free lubricant).

Chemical resistance. Since the temperature of the sealed motor can reach 90-110 °C during long-term operation, the sealed motor manufacturer requires the enameled wire to have good chemical resistance. It can be immersed in R12 or R22 for a long time, and the surface is not blistering and does not swell. In fact, different types of enameled wire lacquers have large differences in chemical resistance. In order to select enamelled wire lacquers with good chemical resistance, we carried out comparative experiments on different types of enameled wire lacquers according to the requirements of sealed motor manufacturers.

The enameled wire made of lacquers with different molecular weights was immersed in a refrigerant reactor with a pressure of 3.0 Mpa, and experiments were carried out at temperatures of 70 ° C, 90 ° C, 110 ° C and 130 ° C, respectively, after 168 hours.

After taking out the surface of the enameled wire, the number of foaming was counted. From the experimental results, it can be seen that the QXY paint with higher molecular weight has better chemical resistance.

Self-adhesive paints can be classified into thermoplastic and thermosetting properties in terms of thermal properties of paint-based resins. In general, thermoplastic self-adhesive paints have strong adhesion, but the softening temperature is low. On the contrary, thermosetting self-adhesive paints have poor adhesion and high softening temperature. Therefore, the enameled wire factory hopes that the self-adhesive paint has a semi-thermosetting property, that is, the self-adhesive paint has both thermoplasticity and thermosetting properties, so that the best bonding effect can be obtained.

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