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Xinyu Enameled Wire Supported by First-rate Management Team


Xinyu Enameled Wire Electrical is a professional enamel […]

Xinyu Enameled Wire Electrical is a professional enameled wire supplier, we have a dedicated, reliable and handpicked first-rate management team that are committed to providing you with fast response times with your queries, service and anything else you need help with. Efficient implementation has been our goal since our inception.

Benefit From Xinyu Enameled Wire Advantages


We can arrange production according to customers' requirements.

Free sample

We supply free wire sample(≤ 2kg) for customer testing.

One-stop solution for transformers

We provide a full set of raw materials for transformer factories.

Perfect after-sale service

Compensation solution help customers reduce the loss at lowest.

Stringent quality control at every production stage and an unwavering dedication to getting it right the first time have earned us clients' respect and have kept them coming back time and time again. welcome enameled copper wire and enameled aluminum wire orders too. Experience the products and services that have built our loyal, multinational client base by contacting us today.