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Xinyu Enameled Wire (Various Types)


Xinyu-enameledwire is a professional Enameled Wire manu […]

Xinyu-enameledwire is a professional Enameled Wire manufacturer. Our product range includes enameled aluminum wire, enameled copper wire, enameled copper clad aluminum wire, enameled rectangular copper(aluminum) wire, paper-covered rectangular copper(aluminum) wire, transformer aluminum foil and transformer copper foil. Our products have exported to more than 30 countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire has excellent properties of solvent resistance,mechanical property, heat resistance, cut through testing and easy coloring,widely used in special motors.electrial apparatus and household electrical appliances.

Characteristics Of Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire:

A) High cut through.

B) Excellent electricity performance.

C) Excellent heat shock, adherence and flexibility.

D) Excellent resistance to abrasion and solvent.

Paper-Covered Rectangular Copper(Aluminum) Wire has excellent mechanical, electrical and chemical performance, especially in high current output, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in high-voltage transformers, electric machines, generators, etc.

Features Of Paper Covered Copper(Aluminum) Wire:

A) Paper Covered Copper(Aluminum) Wire is a special kind of magnet wires. Its conductors is oxygen-free copper rods or electrical round aluminum rods which squeeze and draw by the certain size of mold. And its insulation is special material.

B) Our Paper Covered Copper(Aluminum) Wire uses two layers or several layers as the insulation layer.

C) The wrapping direction of paper is same. And every layer paper twines conductors continually and compactly without wrinkles.

D) Used for transformers, reactors and other particular windings.

Xinyu Transformer Copper Foil has excellent tensile strength, elongation, conductivity and hardness. It is mainly used in oil-immersed and dry-type transformers winding.

Features Of Copper Foil For Transformers:

A) Good viscosity & cold resistance.

B) Excellent tensile strength.

C) Superior flexibility.

D) Ageing-resistant, , oil & acid resistant.

E) Flame retardant, easy to tear apart.

F) Higher conductivity comparing with aluminum foil.

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