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Xinyu Enamelled Wire Makes Constantly Progress


Xinyu Enamelled Wire Makes Constantly Progress in the N […]

Xinyu Enamelled Wire Makes Constantly Progress in the New Era: Enamelled aluminium wire or enamelled copper wire is also called "magnetic wire" and is widely used in various electrical applications due to its superior electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. Enamelled aluminium wire/enamelled copper wire is insulated by coating enamel of different temperature grades. Aluminum enamelled wire and copper enamelled wire wrap are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Enamelled aluminium winding wire/enamelled copper winding wire is also used in generators to convert mechanical energy into electricity.

Enamelled copper wires are often called electromagnetic wires because they are coated with insulation. Enamelled copper wire is widely used in the manufacture of motors, inductors, hard disk head drives and applications requiring close winding of insulated wires. When used in machines such as transformers and motors, aluminum and copper wires can be enamelled.

The reason for using enamelled copper wire is to avoid short circuit when the wire surface is wound into a coil. This explains why it is often used in building electromagnets, inductors, transformers and motors. Wires can also be welded to make inductive components easier to manufacture. When the wire is wound into a coil, the magnetic wires generate an electromagnetic field, which then recharges the coil.

Enamelled copper wires have been used in many fields, among which the key is to convert electricity into mechanical energy for power conversion and mechanical conversion. When you use wires to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, you can use enamelled copper wire to make motors, home and office and other cars. Therefore, you will find that many utilities and homes will use this wire for electrical control. When you have to convert mechanical energy into electricity, the generator will be used to convert through these wires. Enamelled wire is therefore used in many communication devices, such as telephones and television sets, mobile phones and computers.

The era gives us new mission, in face with increasingly intense competition, Xinyu constantly innovate technology, optimize the industrial structure, enhance core competency. Since founded in 2002, Xinyu insists to learn from domestic and foreign advanced management experience and technology, brings high quality products and service to customers, so as to seek for more stable development.