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Xinyu Flat/Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire


The professional Enameled aluminum wire supplier - xiny […]

The professional Enameled aluminum wire supplier - xinyu-enameledwire has been a key manufacturing company in the field of Enameled Aluminum Rectangular Wire. Working with the concepts of purity, reliability and utility, xinyu-enameledwire brings forth a perfect range of industrial supplies. Xinyu-enameledwire keep up with excellent features of our Enameled Aluminum Wire, like high tensile strength, supreme finish, uniform thickness and effective use.

Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire and Enamelled Rectangular Copper Magnet wire are used as the wire in electromagnets that use electricity to generate a magnetic field. Enameled Rectangular or Flat Aluminium Wire and Enameled Rectangular or Flat Copper Wire /Strip is wrapped in a tight coil. When an electric charge is applied, the wires generate the magnetic field. Flat Enamelled Aluminium Wire and Flat Enamelled copper wire have a wide variety of applications, including use in automobiles, motors, transformers and industrial machineries. Round Enameled Aluminium Wire and Round Enameled copper wire are also found in smaller devices and home appliances, such as computers, televisions etc.

Breakdown voltage of Aluminium Enamelled Winding Wire or Copper Enamelled Winding Wire depends on the thickness of the covering, which can be of 3 types: Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. Higher grades have thicker insulation and thus higher breakdown voltages.

The temperature class indicates the temperature of the wire where it has a 20,000 hour service life. At lower temperatures the service life of the wire is longer (about a factor 2 for every 10 °C lower temperature). Common temperature classes are 105° C, 130° C, 155° C, 180° C and 220° C

Modern Flat Enamelled Aluminium Magnet Wire or Flat Enameled Copper Magnet Wire typically uses one to three layers of polymer film insulation, often of two different compositions, to provide a tough, continuous insulating layer. Magnet wire insulating films use (in order of increasing temperature range) polyvinyl formal or Formvar (PVF), polyurethane, polyamide (PUW), polyester (PEW), polyester-polyimide (EIW), polyamide-polyimide (or amide-imide) (AI-EIW), and polyimide (AIW). Polyimide insulated magnet wire is capable of operation at up to 250°C. The insulation of thicker square or enamelled rectangular aluminium or copper magnet wire is often augmented by wrapping it with a high-temperature polyimide or fiberglass tape, and completed windings are often vacuum impregnated with an insulating varnish to improve insulation strength and long-term reliability of the winding.

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