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Xinyu Helps You Know More about Enameled Wire


Current cable output lines are mainly aluminum or Coppe […]

Current cable output lines are mainly aluminum or Copper Enameled Wire, copper clad steel and other metal materials. They have certain differences in quality and service performance, and their advantages and disadvantages are also different. When buying metal materials, we must consider not only the price of aluminum enameled wire enameled wire, but also the quality and type of product. I hope that our products will meet everyone's needs after continuous upgrading.

Aluminum enameled wire materials use the skin principle of electrons to plate or attach copper to the aluminum surface, which is essentially 7%-34% or more of copper. Let the current flow through the outer layer. If the aluminum enameled wire material is not carefully identified, it may be of poor quality, so you should still polish your eyes when choosing. The price/performance ratio of copper and aluminum enameled wire is definitely higher. However, aluminum enameled wire is temporarily used for various audio device coils, communication device coils, and the like.

If used as a power device, aluminum enameled wire can replace pure copper cables, such as transformer coils and non-standard cables. The price of high copper is similar to the price of oxygen-free copper. The practical significance of using it is that its density is relatively small, so it is lighter in weight and lower in cost in the same number of turns. However, because of its low density, when used, the product will naturally be larger than the national standard.

Only by choosing the right material can we adapt the cable to our electrical equipment. We can't take the price of aluminum enameled wire as the only measure, we need to consider it from all sides. If you are not comfortable with the performance of the cable material, you can consult us on a bimetallic cable. Product quality is guaranteed and the price is not very high. If you are interested, Xinyu enameled wire will help you to know more about it.