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Xinyu offer Enameled Copper Wire for you


Product standard: IEC Package: according to customer re […]

Product standard: IEC

Package: according to customer requirements

Used in production of light weight, relatively high conductivity, heat resistance and good windings, especially the transmission of high frequency signal windings;

Used in magnet wires of high-frequency voltage devices, common transformer, inductance coils, electromotors, household electrical and micro-motors;

Used in electrical tools, ballasts, automotive electronics, refrigerator and air conditioner compress or motors. Such as television sets, electric stove, microwave ovens etc.

Used in electrical appliances, communication tools, instruments, transformers, generators,electromotors, and so on.

1.Product shape: round

Diameters:ranging from 0, 2 to 8.0mm, which translates to 52 - 1 AWG or 35-1SWG

2.Product type:

130deg.C of polyester enameled copper round wire 155deg.C of modifed polyester enameled copper round wire 180deg.C of polyedter imide enameled copper round wire 220deg.C of polyester imied &polyamide imide compound enameled copper round wire

3.product introduction:

Enameled round copper wire is extruded or drawn from oxygen-free copper rod with certain specification mould,then coated with insulating paint on mang times.the product is widely applied in transformer,electromotors,generator and other similar electrical instruments.


If specification is out of range,please also don't hesitate to contact us.Our company is one of the first made of enameled copper wire, complete specification, price, timely delivery, selling products at home and abroad, welcomed the new and old customers to consult and order.