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Xinyu Paper-Covered Rectangular Copper(Aluminum) Wire II


Xinyu-enameledwire offer products on Enameled Copper Wi […]

Xinyu-enameledwire offer products on Enameled Copper Wire, enameled aluminum wire. With a dedicated team of sales and marketing we strive ourself in mantaining high customer satisfaction.

Features Of Paper Covered Copper(Aluminum) Wire:

A) Paper Covered Copper(Aluminum) Wire is a special kind of magnet wires. Its conductors is oxygen-free copper rods or electrical round aluminum rods which squeeze and draw by the certain size of mold. And its insulation is special material.
B) Our Paper Covered Copper(Aluminum) Wire uses two layers or several layers as the insulation layer.
C) The wrapping direction of paper is same. And every layer paper twines conductors continually and compactly without wrinkles.
D) Used for transformers, reactors and other particular windings.

Advantages Of Our Paper Covered Copper(Aluminum) Wire:

A) Excellent resistance to abrasion and solvent.
B) Excellent electricity performance.
C) Excellent heat shock and flexibility.
D) High cut-through.
E) Resistance to high voltage in oil.
F) Rise up the filling coefficient of the transformer.

Xinyu-enameledwire believe in long partnership between two business entites and always ready to commit ourself in providing the highest quailty products and services according to our customers expectation. Welcome your visit.