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Xinyu Specializes in Producing Enameled Wire


As the fluid flows, the molecules collide with each oth […]

As the fluid flows, the molecules collide with each other, causing one layer of molecules to move with the other. Due to the interaction, the latter layer of molecules blocks the movement of the former layer of molecules, thereby showing activity.

There are molecules around the molecules in the surface tension liquid. When these molecules are on the surface of the liquid, the gravity between them can be temporarily balanced. Molecules, on the one hand, are attracted by the gravitational pull of liquid molecules whose forces point in the depths of the liquid and, on the other hand, they are attracted by the gravitational pull of the gas molecules.

Sticky, this is called viscosity. Different paint methods require different paint viscosities for different wire sizes. The size of the viscosity is mainly related to the size of the resin. The molecular weight of the resin is large, the viscosity of the paint is large, and the thick thread for the coating is better because of the mechanical properties of the paint film. The coating line has a small viscosity, a small molecular weight of the resin, uniform coating, and a relatively smooth paint film.

According to the influence of the surface tension on the surface of the paint film, the curvature of the uneven surface changes indefinitely, and the positive pressure at each point is unbalanced. Before entering the enamel furnace, the lacquer surface flows to the thin portion through the surface tension in the thick portion. The paint is evenly distributed. This process is called the leveling process. The uniformity of the paint film is not only affected by the leveling effect, but also by the influence of gravity, which is the result of the resultant force. Xinyu Enameled Wire is a comprehensive industrial and trade enterprise that is UL-certified and specializing in the production of enameled wire.