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Xinyu Tells You More Details about Enameled Wire


At present, because of the good performance of the poly […]

At present, because of the good performance of the polyamidite-imine composite enameled wire, it is widely used in sealed motors. However, some properties of this enameled wire, such as resistance to Freon R-2 bubbles, resistance to overload, and scratch resistance after long-term exposure to R-2 fluid, need to be further improved. In order to obtain a better enameled wire for sealing motors, we have developed a variety of composite coating enameled wire, and have the following experience.

After a bubble test cycle, if the enameled wire has almost the same dielectric strength, the bubble-free enameled wire has a greater retention of the dielectric strength than the bubble-containing enameled wire after multiple bubble test cycles. For this reason, we have determined various modified resins that have good bubble resistance. Enamelled wire is an excellent copper wire insulation material. Breakdown potential, high resistance, slight absorption of water, unusual fineness and good mechanical and chemical properties. The characteristics of these enamelled wires are described in detail in this paper.

Copper has better conductivity than aluminum, so its heat loss is lower. Connecting to copper wire winding is easier than aluminum wire winding. The resulting aluminium alloy is lighter than copper, with a heat capacity of about three times that of copper, allowing it to provide better current overload. These enamelled copper wire wires have an outer layer of a usually thermoplastic adhesive material, and once heated to the bonding temperature of the outer layer they bond to each other.

The advantage of enamelled aluminium wire is that the weight of copper wire is light. Enameled aluminium wire products are widely used in electric tools, ballasts, automotive electronics, refrigeration and air conditioning compressor motor, TV set, electric furnace, microwave ovens, all kinds of transformer and other kinds of electronic coil motor, electric appliance. Xinyu Enameled Wire can produce various products to fit your needs and give you a better life.