200 Class Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire

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Enamelled wire is coated with one or more insulating coatings on the surface of the conductor, which is baked and cooled to form a kind of wire with insulating layer. Enamelled wire is a kind of electromagnetic wire (winding wire), which is used for electromagnetic induction. Compared with round wire, rectangular wire has incomparable advantages and characteristics and is used in many fields. The product has superior thermal resistance, chemical solvent resistance and thermal shock resistance.

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Product Types

EI/AIWAR/200, Q(ZY/XY)LB/200

Temperature Class(℃): C

Conductor Thickness: a:0.90-5.6mm

Conductor Width: b:2.00~16.00mm

Recommended Conductor's Width Ratio: 1.4<b/a<8.0

Any customer-made specification will be available,please kindly inform us in advance.

Standard: GB/T7095.6-1995, IEC60317-29

Spool Type: PC400-PC700

Package of Enameled Rectangular Wire: Pallet Packing

Certification: UL, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001, accept third party inspection as well

Quality Control: company internal standard is 25% higher than IEC standard

Conductor Material

● This product contains softened copper and meets the requirements of GB5584.2-85. The resistivity is less than 0.017240.mm/m at 20 ° C.

● This product has different levels of mechanical strength, which means you can choose the correct conductor type based on your specific needs. The non proportional tensile strength Rp0.2 of semi hard copper conductors has three different strength levels, ranging from (>100 to 180) N/mm ² To (>220-260) N/m ²。

● This product contains softened aluminum, in accordance with the provisions of GB5584.3-85, to ensure that the resistivity is below 0.02801 Ω at 20 ° C. This feature makes the product an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including electronics and power generation.

● One of the most significant advantages of Class 200 enameled flat aluminum wire is its high conductivity and excellent electrical properties. These features make them a valuable choice for users who need reliable, efficient, and affordable cables.

● This product has high corrosion resistance and durability, making it a suitable choice for use in harsh environments. This quality characteristic ensures that cables have a longer service life than other cables made of softer materials.


Product Details

180 Class Enameled Flat Alumin4
130 Class Enameled Flat Alumin5

Advantages of Enameled Rectangular Wire

1. Meet the design needs of lower height, smaller volume, lighter weight, higher power density of electronic and motor products, widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, motor, network communications, smart house, new energy, automotive electronics, medical electronics, aerospace technology and other fields.

2. Under the same cross-sectional area, it has a larger surface area than the round enamelled wire, which can effectively reduce the "skin effect", reduce the high-frequency current loss, and better adapt to the high-frequency conduction work.

3. In the same winding space, the application of rectangular enamelled wire makes the coil slot full rate and space volume ratio higher; Effectively reduce the resistance, through larger current, higher Q value can be obtained, more suitable for high current load work.

4. Temperature rise current and saturation current; Strong anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI), low vibration, low noise, high density installation.

5. High rate of groove filling.

6. The product ratio of conductor section is more than 97%. The thickness of the corner paint film is similar to that of the surface paint film, which is conducive to coil insulation maintenance.

Application of 200 Class Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire

● Enamelled flat wire is used on power transformer, AC UHV transformer and new energy.

● 200 Class Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire is usually used for automotive electronics.

● Electric motors, generators and new energy vehicles.

Spool & Container Weight


Spool type


Maximum load quantity


40GP/ 40NOR

Pallet      (Aluminum)



17-18 tons

22.5-23 tons

Pallet      (Copper)



23 tons

22.5-23 tons

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