• Precautions For Storage, Protection And Use Of Enameled Wire Products

      1. Basic requirements for product storage   1. The enameled wire packaging boxes should be stacked in plates, the stacking height should not exceed 4 boxes, and the maximum stacking of spools should not exceed 5 axes.   2. The enameled wire should be kept away from dust (including metal powder), ...

  • Enamelled Wire Industry Brands Are Becoming More And More Important

      The current enamelled wire industry has relatively low entry barriers, so there are more and more production companies, and the market competition is also increasingly fierce. However, in the field of high-end products, there are not many companies that can enter. Now and in the future, enamelled...

  • How To Deal With Hot Magnet Wire

      During the application of magnet wire due to various reasons, its temperature will slowly rise and then become hot. If the temperature reduction measures are not taken in time, the magnet wire may be burnt. Therefore, when the magnet wire is hot, it is necessary to find out the reason, and then f...

  • Enamelled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Prevents Joint Corrosion

      In order to solve the electrochemical corrosion of the end of the enamelled copper clad aluminum wire, the method is to block the end from the atmosphere. At present, the following two methods can be mainly adopted.   1. Electroplating method: It is to plate a layer of copper on the joints of the...

  • Application Range Of Aluminum Enameled Wire

      The application range of aluminum enameled wire, aluminum enameled wire due to its excellent performance, so it has a relatively wide range of applications at present, the current application range of aluminum enameled wire mainly includes the following areas:   1. Used to make windings that requ...