• What's the Types of Enameled Wire

    Enamelled Wire is a wire coated with a thin layer of enamel (varnish) insulation to prevent the wire surfaces from being in a short circuit when wound into coils. Magnetic flux is created when current flows through the coil. Aluminum Enameled Wire and Copper Enamelled Winding Wire are used mainly i...

  • Types and Application of Xinyu Enameled Wire II

    In the previous article, we briefly introduced the types and uses of enameled wire, now let us continue this topic. 4) Polyesterimide enameled wire Due to the improvement of heat resistance by modifying polyester with imine, the amount of polyester imine enameled wire in the world has risen sharply...

  • Types and Application of Xinyu Enameled Wire

    Enameled wire is an electrical wire made by copper covered wire with an enamel film. 1) Acetal enameled wire Acetal enameled wire is one of the earliest varieties in the world. It was put on the market by Germany and the United States in 1930. The Soviet Union also developed rapidly. There are two ...

  • Applications of Xinyu Enameled Wire

    The enameled wire is coated with a corresponding lacquer solution on the outside of the conductor, and then the solvent is volatilized and the lacquer film is solidified and cooled. Enameled wire can be divided into polyester enameled wire, polyesterimide enameled wire, polyamideimide enameled wire...

  • Xinyu Tips to Prevent Corrosion of Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

    Copper-clad aluminum wire is a wire with aluminum core wire as the main body and a certain amount of copper plated on the outside. It can be used as a conductor for coaxial cables and wire and cable conductors in electrical equipment. Because the main function of this kind of wire is to transmit si...