• Aluminum Magnet Wire's Industrial Status Is Irreplaceable

      Aluminum magnet wire is a magnet wire with aluminum as its core. Magnet wire is used to make insulated wires for coils or windings in electrical products. Also known as winding wire. Magnet wires must meet the requirements of various applications and manufacturing processes. The former includ

  • Key Points Of Aluminum Enameled Wire Transportation And Storage

      If the aluminum enameled wire is not well stored during the whole transportation or storage, it is likely to endanger the product quality and cause various application problems. To facilitate the application of aluminum enameled wire, I will briefly introduce the key points of aluminum enamel

  • Precautions And Application Key Points Of Aluminum Enameled Wire

      1. Precautions for changing copper to aluminum   ) Wire diameter change (because of the difference in conductor resistivity) Aluminum wire diameter = Copper wire diameter × K   K is the value of the empirical coefficient according to the actual application.   B) Design modificati

  • Features Of Aluminum Enameled Wire

      1. DC resistivity: the DC resistivity of aluminum enameled wire is about 1.5 times that of pure copper wire; when the resistance value is the same, the weight of aluminum enameled wire is about 1/3 of pure copper wire   2. Solderability: aluminum enameled wire joint solder requires specia

  • Magnet Wire Softness And Annealing Process

      There is a process of the magnet wire manufacturing process-annealing, the purpose is to make the wire hardened due to the change of the crystal lattice during the drawing process of the mold. By heating at a specified temperature, the molecular lattice can be rearranged to restore the softn