• Different Enameled Wire Specifications Require Different Paint Viscosities

    Coating is the process of applying an enameled wire on a metal wire to form a uniform thickness of a given paint layer. This is related to several physical phenomena and painting methods of liquids. When the liquid flows, the molecules collide with each other, causing one layer of molecules to move ...

  • Xinyu Enameled Wire Devoted to Enameled Wire Development

    For winding custom coils or very finely spaced rework, we always touch the electromagnetic wire. The magnet wire is very, very thin (0.1mm in diameter!) Copper wire, with very thin insulation layer. It is used in a range of electronic products, hacker attacks and applications. These are commonly use...

  • Xinyu Enamelled Wire Makes Constantly Progress

    Xinyu Enamelled Wire Makes Constantly Progress in the New Era: Enamelled aluminium wire or enamelled copper wire is also called "magnetic wire" and is widely used in various electrical applications due to its superior electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. Enamelled aluminium wire/enamelled ...

  • Corrosion-resistant of Enameled Aluminum Wire Make Them Attractive

    Other types of insulated conductors, such as glass fiber insulation copper/aluminum alloy round and flat wire with varnish, Nomex insulated copper/aluminum round flat wire, kraft paper, insulated copper/aluminum round flat wire, mica insulation copper/aluminum round flat wire, kapton insulated coppe...

  • Xinyu Enamelled Wire (Brief Introduction)

    Enamel wire contains a thin layer of insulation or enamel, made out of either a thin varnish or a polyester or fiberglass yarn. The wire is typically copper or aluminum. Enameled copper and aluminum wire in the use of mold-type surface or blamkets or insulating paint coated one or both made by dryin...