• Notes on the Purchase of Enameled Wire

    Xinyu Enameled Wire has a thin insulating coating made of copper or aluminum. The main reason for this is to prevent the occurrence of a short circuit. To purchase this type of xinyu enameled wire on the market, you must choose a reliable manufacturer that only provides products that meet the qualit...

  • Xinyu Enameled Wire Gives Our Quality Life

    When the paint line protrudes from the felt, a gravity effect is also produced during the painting process. If the rounding time is short, the olive-shaped sharp corners will quickly disappear, the gravitational effect will be short, and the conductor coating will be uniform. If the wire size is sma...

  • Xinyu Specializes in Producing Enameled Wire

    As the fluid flows, the molecules collide with each other, causing one layer of molecules to move with the other. Due to the interaction, the latter layer of molecules blocks the movement of the former layer of molecules, thereby showing activity. There are molecules around the molecules in the surf...

  • Xinyu Enameled Wire Tells You Information of Copper Wire

    Annealing of Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire is currently used in three ways: disk annealing; continuous annealing on a wire drawing machine; continuous annealing on a lacquer coater. The first two methods can not meet the requirements of the enameling process. The coil annealing can only soften the copp...

  • Xinyu Enameled Wire Develops Rapidly

    The Enamelled Wire refers to a metal wire used for winding an electromagnetic coil with an insulating varnish as an insulating coating, also called a magnet wire. Enameled wire is the main and key raw material for electromagnetic winding of electric motors, electrical appliances and household applia...