• Advantages Of Enameled CCA Wire

      Enameled cca wire is a new type of magnet wire that uses copper-clad aluminum bimetallic material as the inner conductor. Its electrical and mechanical properties are between copper and aluminum. It combines the excellent electrical conductivity of copper and the lightweight of aluminum. The insu...

  • What Are The Product Performance Requirements Of Enamelled Wire

      Chemical properties:   1. The enamelled wire must be dipped after being wound into a coil. The solvent in the dipping paint has a different degree of swelling effect on the paint film, especially at high temperatures.   2. The impregnated windings may be thermally cracked due to heat during use, ...

  • How To Deal With Copper Enameled Wire Yellowing

      In a sense, copper enameled wire manufacturers are a finishing and assembly industry. Among them, the choice of copper enameled wire is particularly important. If you are not careful, it may cause a safety accident. Share with you some reasons and solutions for the yellowing of copper enameled wi...

  • How Does ECCA Wire Prevent Joint Corrosion?

      To solve the electrochemical corrosion of the ECCA wire end, the method is to block the end from the atmosphere. At present, the following two methods can be mainly adopted.   1. Electroplating method: It is to plate a layer of copper on the joints of ECCA wire, but it will waste a lot of time. H...

  • How Does Enamelled Wire Eliminate Waste During The Baking Process?

      The solvent vapor and cracked low-molecular substances generated during the baking process of enamelled wire must be discharged from the furnace in time. The density of the solvent vapor and the humidity in the gas will affect the evaporation and curing during the baking process, and the low-mole...