• The Copper Winding Wire Can Ensure The Stability of The Connection

    The winding wire used in our machinery is different from the traditional Copper Winding Wire. The copper winding wire is made of high elongation aluminum alloy and is made of pure aluminum by adding iron and other materials. Generally, the gaps in the copper winding wires are squeezed clean and the ...

  • How to Solve The Situation of Varnish Wire Vibration

    Varnish Wire are selected according to their different requirements. How should we solve the vibration problem of varnish wires? 1. The direct current motor repairer checks the tightness of the screw cap, ties the screw cap diagonally or without sliding or excessive screw holes. If it sweeps the bor...

  • Quality Monitoring Problems of Aluminum Magnet Wire

    The quality control of Aluminum Magnet Wire is strictly controlled by the manufacturers in the manufacturing process. We know that the quality of aluminum magnet wire products is the applicability of aluminum magnet wire, that is, "the production process or service meets the specified characteristic...

  • The Application of Aluminum Winding Wire Can Reduce The Cost of Electrical Products

    Aluminum, as a winding wire core, was once popular in China in the 1960s. All winding wire factories in the country produce enameled aluminum wires. However, due to the defects of aluminum conductors such as high resistivity, low tensile strength, large processing difficulty and welding difficulty, ...

  • The Key Is to Prevent Corrosion of Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire

    Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire is a wire with aluminum core wires as the main body and coated with a certain amount of copper layer, which can be used as conductors for coaxial cables and wires and cables in electrical equipment. Because the main function of this kind of wire is to transmit signa...