Technical development direction of enameled wire industry

1.Fine diameter

Due to the miniaturization of electrical products, such as camcorder, electronic clock, micro-relay, automobile, electronic instrument, washing machine, television components, etc., the enameled wire is developing in the direction of fine diameter. For example, when the high voltage package used for color TV, that is, the enameled wire used for the integrated line output flyback transformer, was originally insulated by the segmented slot winding method, the specification range was φ 0.06~0.08 mm and all of them are thickened insulation. After the design is changed to the flat winding method interlayer insulation winding structure, the wire diameter is changed to φ 0.03~0.04 mm, and a thin paint layer is sufficient.


According to the design requirements of electrical products, the lightweight method used in some applications with low requirements is to select materials for lightweight rather than fine diameter lightweight. For example, some micro-motors with low requirements, speaker voice coils, artificial heart pacemakers, microwave oven transformers, etc., the products are processed with enameled aluminum wire and enameled copper clad aluminum wire. These materials have the advantages of light weight and low price compared with our ordinary enameled copper wire, There are also shortcomings such as processing difficulties, poor weldability and low tensile strength. The microwave oven transformer alone, calculated by the annual production of 10 million sets in China, has been considerable.


The special performance of self-adhesive enamelled wire is that it can be wound without skeleton coil or without impregnation. It is mainly used for color TV deflection, speaker voice coil, buzzer, micromotor, electronic transformer and other occasions. According to different combinations of the primer and finish, different materials can also have different heat resistance grades, which can meet different applications. This variety has a considerable amount of electro-acoustic and color TV deflection.

Post time: Mar-21-2023