Increased penetration of flat wire motors for new energy vehicles

Flat line application tuyere has arrived. Motor, as one of the core three electric systems of new energy vehicles, accounts for 5-10% of the value of the vehicle. In the first half of this year, among the top 15 new energy vehicles sold, the penetration rate of flat line motor increased significantly to 27%.

The industry is expected that in 2025, the flat line will account for more than 80% of the driving motor of new energy vehicles. Reporters learned that the current major electromagnetic line manufacturers related products are in short supply, is greatly expanded production for next year.

Brokerage institutions believe that with the rapid switch of many new energy vehicle enterprises flat line motor, 2022-2023 is about to enter the flat line rapid upgrading period, the first layout of the company will enjoy dividends. Flat line switching replacement acceleration in 2021, Tesla replaced the domestic flat line motor, driving a significant increase in permeability, the trend of flat line motor has been determined. “From the company’s orders, it can be predicted that the world’s leading new energy enterprises have started to switch flat wire motors on a large scale, and the trend is accelerating.

Driven by customer demand, flat wire production will enter a period of high-speed expansion and supply will grow rapidly,” said Jingda Shares, a supplier of Tesla in China. Jingda stock securities Department said to reporters, the company external supply has round line and flat line, but flat line supply accounts for more.

With the volume of new energy vehicles, the future demand for flat line will be greater. It is reported that the company’s products have passed the certification of a number of new energy vehicle head enterprises, the existing flat line projects as many as 60. Chen Haibing, general manager of Jinbei Electrician electromagnetic wire Company, told reporters that at present, new energy vehicles flat line this piece is the company’s focus on the development of products.

Compared with the round line, the slot full rate is higher. The same motor, using the flat line, the power density is larger, the volume is smaller and is conducive to heat dissipation, so the flat line motor has many advantages. The flat line is completely in the middle of the process of replacing the round line. He further introduced that “before, the relatively high-end models with prices above 200,000 yuan were almost 100% flat wire (motor), but the situation was different in the second half of the year.

We found that Wuling Mini and other models are also trying to apply flat wire (motor). Around August or September, the company gradually provided some economical electric models.” New energy vehicles are currently in a period of rapid development, and consumers have increasingly high requirements for vehicle performance.

It is understood that the low internal resistance brought by flat wire winding improves the energy conversion efficiency of the motor, which is an important factor to improve the vehicle endurance and battery cost. This year, BYD, GaC, etc. quickly switched flat line motor, and other potential popular models to be launched, such as Nextev ET7, Zhiji, Jikrypton, etc., also adopted flat line motor.

This year is the first year of flat wire application. In 2025, flat wire demand is expected to grow rapidly from about 10,000 tons to more than 190,000 tons. Companies that have achieved mass production of flat wire for NEV include Jingda Shares (600577.SH), Great Wall Technology (603897.SH), Jinbei Electric Engineering (002533.SZ) and Guancheng Datong (600067.SH). The planned production capacity of Jingda Shares is 19,500 tons by the end of 2021 and 45,000 tons by 2022.

The company said to reporters, the current peers have expansion plans, based on the demand for next year, to be prepared in advance. Great Wall Technology has previously announced the private placement plan, 45,000 tons of new energy vehicle motor flat electromagnetic wire project, planned total investment of 831 million yuan.

The reason for the expansion is that “limited by the existing flat line capacity, the company’s flat line is in short supply, forming a supply gap”. However, the company is still adding flat wire equipment to expand flat wire production capacity, which is expected to reach 10,000 tons by the end of this year or early next year.

“This year has almost always been in a state of short supply, month-on-month has been an increase. The company’s special flat line for new energy vehicles is implementing production expansion, and is expected to reach 600 tons per month and 7,000 tons per year by the end of this year. “It is progressing step by step, and is expected to form 20,000 tons of production capacity in the second half of 2022. The climbing process of production capacity is gradual,” said the above person of Jinbei Electricians.

According to the introduction, the company has mass production of customers including Shanghai United Power, BorgWarner, Suzhou Huichuan, Jingjin Electric, etc. In addition, the flat wire for new energy motor has been sent to BYD samples. At present, the new proofing work has been non-stop.

In addition to the three new car manufacturers, Geely, Great Wall, Guangzhou Automobile, SAIC Motor and so on are also very rich. The company plans to form a new energy vehicle motor special electromagnetic wire production capacity of 50,000 tons/year by June 2025.

The reporter noted that the new energy vehicle flat line series products of these major manufacturers accounted for a small percentage of sales. Jingda Stock’s sales from January to June 2021 exceeded 2,045 tons. From January to June 2021, the output of flat line for new energy vehicles of Great Wall Technology is 1300 tons; Guanzhou Datong sold 1851.53 tons of flat line products in the first half of the year; The annual sales of Jinbei Electrician is expected to be about 2000 tons.

However, according to the above industry insider, flat line manufacturers to enter the supplier list of new energy vehicle companies need to go through multiple certification, which will take six months to one or two years.

New energy vehicle enterprises usually select several manufacturers as suppliers. Because of the high replacement cost, they will not change suppliers at will.

According to the calculation of Deppon Securities, in 2020, the penetration rate of flat line motor is about 10%, the penetration rate of superposition new energy vehicle is about 5.4%, and the comprehensive penetration rate of flat line is less than 1%. It is expected that the flat line permeability will increase rapidly in 22-23 years, and the companies that have achieved the mass production of flat line will fully enjoy the first wave of dividends.

Post time: Mar-21-2023