• Enameled Wire is an excellent insulation material for copper wires

    Enamel wire is an excellent insulation material for copper wires because of its high . breakdown potential, its high electrical resistance, its slight absorption of water, its unusual thinness and its good mechanical and chemical properties. In this article details are given about these properties o...

  • Enameled Wire is composed of conductive copper or aluminum

    Enameled wire is composed of conductive copper or aluminum core surrounded by an insulation layer made of polymer. The lifespan of the electric motor is strongly dependent on thermal and electrical properties of the insulation layer. In a high speed switching inverter-fed motor, especially, when ins...

  • Whether the color of the Enameled Wire will have an effect

    The color of the enameled wire is barely not relevant to the performance and usage.It is mainly classified by insulating materials and specific application.Enameled wire is a major type of winding wire, composed by two parts, conductor and insulation. After annealing and softening the bare wire, and...

  • Painting Is Also an Indispensable Process For Enameled Wire

    Painting is the process of coating an enameled wire paint on a metal conductor to form a uniform paint layer with a certain thickness. This is related to several physical phenomena and painting methods of liquids. Phenomenon. Viscosity When fluids flow, molecules collide with each other, causing one...

  • Enameled Aluminium Wires Are Widely Used

    Enameled aluminium enameled wire and copper enamelled winding wires are mainly used in the construction of motors, electromagnets, transformers and inductors. Most wires can be soldered to facilitate the manufacture of inductors such as transformers and inductors. Enameled aluminum wire or enameled ...