Advantages of enamelled flat wire over enamelled round wire

The section shape of common enameled wire is mostly round. However, the round enamelled wire has the disadvantage of low slot full rate after winding, that is, low space utilization rate after winding.

This greatly limits the effectiveness of the corresponding electrical components. Generally, after full load winding of enamelled wire, its slot full rate is about 78%, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of technological development for flat, lightweight, low power consumption and high performance of components. With the change of technology, flat enameled wire came into being.

Flat enamelled wire is a winding wire made of oxygen-free copper rod or electrical aluminum rod after drawing, extrusion or rolling with a certain specification of die, and then coated with insulating paint for many times. Generally, the thickness ranges from 0.025mm to 2mm, the width is generally less than 5mm, and the width-thickness ratio ranges from 2:1 to 50:1.

Flat enamelled wires are widely used, especially in windings of various electrical equipment such as new energy vehicles, telecommunications equipment, transformers, motors and generators.

Compared with general enameled wire, flat enameled wire has better flexibility and flexibility, and has excellent performance in current carrying capacity, transmission speed, heat dissipation performance and occupied space volume. It is especially suitable for use as jumper wire between circuits in electrical and electronic equipment. In general, flat enamelled wire has the following characteristics:

(1) It takes up less volume.

The coil of flat enamelled wire occupies less space than that of enamelled round wire, which can save 9-12% of the space, while the electronic and electrical products with smaller production volume and lighter weight will be less affected by the coil volume, which will obviously save more other materials;

(2) The coil slot full rate is higher.

Under the same winding space conditions, the slot full rate of flat enamelled wire can reach more than 95%, which solves the bottleneck problem of coil performance, makes the resistance smaller and the capacitance larger, and meets the requirements of large capacitance and high load application scenarios;

(3) The sectional area is larger. 

Compared with enamelled round wire, flat enamelled wire has a larger cross-sectional area, and its heat dissipation area is also correspondingly increased, and the heat dissipation effect is significantly improved. At the same time, it can also significantly improve the “skin effect” (when the alternating current passes through the conductor, the current will concentrate on the surface of the conductor), and reduce the loss of high-frequency motor.

Copper products have great advantages in conductivity. Nowadays, flat enamelled wire is generally made of copper, which is called flat enamelled copper wire. For different performance requirements, flat enamelled copper wire can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the required performance. For example, for components with particularly high requirements for flattening and lightweight, flat enamelled copper wire with ultra-narrow, ultra-thin and large width-thickness ratio is required; For components with low power consumption and high performance requirements, high-precision flat enamelled copper wire needs to be produced; For parts with high impact resistance requirements, flat enamelled copper wire with high toughness is required; For components with high service life requirements, flat enamelled copper wire with durability is required.

Post time: Mar-21-2023