Basic and quality knowledge of enamelled wire

The concept of enameled wire:

Definition of enameled wire: it is a wire coated with paint film insulation (layer) on the conductor, because it is often wound into a coil in use, also known as winding wire.

Enamelled wire principle: It mainly realizes the conversion of electromagnetic energy in electrical equipment, such as the conversion of electric energy into kinetic energy, the conversion of kinetic energy into electric energy, the conversion of electric energy into thermal energy or the measurement of electric quantity; It is an indispensable material for motors, electrical appliances, electrical instruments, telecommunications devices and household appliances.

Characteristics and uses of commonly used enameled wire:

The thermal grade of ordinary polyester enamelled wire is 130, and the thermal grade of modified enamelled wire is 155. The product has high mechanical strength, good elasticity, scratch resistance, adhesion, electrical performance and solvent resistance. It is the largest product in China at present, and is widely used in various motors, electrical appliances, instruments, telecommunications equipment and household appliances; The weakness of this product is poor thermal shock resistance and low moisture resistance.

Polyesterimide enamelled wire:

Thermal class 180 This product has good thermal shock resistance, high softening and breakdown resistance temperature, excellent mechanical strength, good solvent and refrigerant resistance, and its weakness is that it is easy to hydrolyze under closed conditions, and is widely used in windings of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, electric tools, power dry-type compressors and other windings with high heat resistance requirements.

Polyesterimide/polyamideimide composite enamelled wire:

It is a widely used heat-resistant enameled wire at home and abroad at present. Its thermal class is 200. The product has high heat resistance, also has characteristics of resistance to refrigerant, cold and radiation, high mechanical strength, stable electrical performance, good chemical resistance and resistance to refrigerant, and strong overload capacity. It is widely used in refrigerator compressors, air conditioning compressors, electric tools, explosion-proof motors and motors and electrical appliances used under high temperature, cold, radiation resistance, overload and other conditions.

Post time: Mar-21-2023