Diameter change of enamelled copper wire to enamelled aluminum wire

The linear diameter changes as follows:

1. The resistivity of copper is 0.017241, and that of aluminum is 0.028264 (both are national standard data, the actual value is better). Therefore, if converted completely according to the resistance, the diameter of aluminum wire is equal to the diameter of copper wire *1.28, that is to say, if the copper wire of 1.2 is used before, if the enamelled wire of 1.540mm is used, The resistance of both motors is the same;

2. However, if it is converted according to the ratio of 1.28, the core of the motor needs to be expanded and the volume of the motor needs to be increased, so few people will directly use the theoretical multiple of 1.28 to design aluminum wire motor;

3. Generally speaking, the aluminum wire diameter ratio of the aluminum wire motor on the market will be reduced, generally between 1.10 and 1.15, and then slightly change the core to meet the requirements of the motor performance, that is to say, if you use 1.200mm copper wire, choose 1.300~1.400mm aluminum wire, With the change of the core, it should be able to design a satisfactory aluminum wire motor;

4. Special tips: Special attention should be paid to the welding process of aluminum wire in the production of aluminum wire motor!

Enamelled wire is a main type of winding wire. It is composed of conductor and insulating layer. The bare wire is softened by annealing, painted and baked for many times. But to produce both meet the standard requirements, and meet customer requirements of the product is not easy, it is affected by the quality of raw materials, process parameters, production equipment, environment and other factors, therefore, all kinds of enamoured wire quality characteristics are not the same, but have mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties of the four major performance.

Enamelled wire is the main raw material of electric machine, electric appliance and household appliance. Especially in recent years, the electric power industry has realized the sustained and rapid growth, and the rapid development of household appliance has brought the application of enamelled wire to a wider field, followed by higher requirements for enamelled wire. Therefore, the product structure adjustment of enamelled wire is inevitable, and the corresponding raw materials (copper, lacquer), enamelled technology, technological equipment and testing means are also urgent to be developed and studied.

At present, Chinese manufacturers of enamelled wire already exceed a thousand, annual capacity already exceeds 250 ~ 300 thousand tons. But in general our country lacquer covered wire condition is the repetition of low level, in general is “output is high, the grade is low, the equipment is backward”. In this situation, high-quality household appliances with high grade enameled wire still need to import, let alone participate in the international market competition. Therefore, we should redouble our efforts to change the present situation, so that our country’s enamelled technology level can catch up with the market demand, and squeeze the international market.

Post time: Mar-21-2023