220 Class Enameled Flat Copper Wire

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Enamelled wire is a main variety of winding wire, which is composed of conductor and insulation. the bare wire is softened by annealing, then painted and baked many times. 220 Class Enameled Flat Copper Wire is used for dry type transformer, electric motors, generators and hybrid or EV driving motors. The enamelled flat copper wire produced by our company is suitable for driving motors, transformers, motors, generators and winding coils of various electrical devices of new energy vehicles.

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AIWR/220, QXYB/220

Temperature Class(℃): C

Conductor Thickness: a:0.90-5.6mm

Conductor Width: b:2.00~16.00mm

Recommended Conductor's Width Ratio: 1.4<b/a<8.0

Any customer-made specification will be available,please kindly inform us in advance.

Standard: GB, IEC

Spool Type: PC400-PC700

Package of Enameled Rectangular Wire: Pallet Packing

Certification: UL, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001, accept third party inspection as well

Quality Control: company internal standard is 25% higher than IEC standard

Conductor Material

● Once the raw material of winding wires is softened copper,the regulation in accordance with GB5584.2-85,the electric resistivity at 20C is lower than 0.017240.mm/m.

● As per different mechanical strength,the non-proportional extension strength of semi-rigid copper conductor Rp0.2(>100~180)N/mmRp0.2(>180~220)N/m㎡Rp0.2(>220~260)N/m㎡

● Once the raw material of winding wires is softened aluminum,the regulation in accordance with GB5584.3-85,the electric resistivity at 20C is lower than 0.02801Ω.mm/m

● As per different requirement of electrical insulation,the thickness of paint will be available for 0.06-0.11mm or 0.12-0.16mm,the thickness of self-adhere layer for thermal bonding winding wires is 0.03-0.06mm.The optical loss test facility named TD11 can be used for screening the coating process,in order to reach the best cured coating.

● Any further requirement for the thickness of coating,please kindly inform us in advance.

Product Details

220 Class Enameled Flat Copper1
220 Class Enameled Flat Copper4
220 Class Enameled Flat Copper3

Advantages of Enameled Rectangular Wire

1.Meet the design needs of lower height, smaller volume, lighter weight, higher power density of electronic and motor products. 

2. It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, motor, network communications, smart home, new energy, automotive electronics, medical electronics, military electronics, aerospace technology and other fields.

3. In the same winding space,  the application of rectangular enamelled wire makes the coil slot full rate and space volume ratio higher.

4. The application of rectangular enamelled wire products, which have simple structure, good heat dissipation performance, stable performance.

5. Temperature rise current and saturation current; Strong anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI), low vibration, low noise, high density installation.

Application of 220 Class Enameled Flat Copper Wire

● Enameled Rectangular Wire is used in motor, electronics, network communications and smart home.

● 220 Class Enameled Flat Copper Wire is used for dry type transformer.

● Electric motors, generators and hybrid or EV driving motors.

Spool & Container Weight


Spool type


Maximum load quantity


40GP/ 40NOR

Pallet      (Aluminum)



17-18 tons

22.5-23 tons

Pallet      (Copper)



23 tons

22.5-23 tons

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