• Setting Line, One of The Production Process of Enameled Wire

    The Production Processes of Enameled Wire include setting line, annealing, painting, baking, cooling, and winding. The following article will introduce the first step. On normal operation of a paint charter flights, the operator of most energy consumption in the feeding section, changing steel to ma...

  • Important Aspects to Consider Before Selecting an Appropriate Enameled Wire Manufacturer

    These days we're all trying to save money by getting better prices from our manufacturers. But is getting a better price always a better deal? There are some factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing an appropriate enameled wire manufacturer. These factors ensure the quality and ...

  • A Brief Introduction to Enameled Wire Development

    China has larger market for the enameled wire, and there is a huge develop space for enameled wire. Through the enameled wire industry market growth, demand growth, product varieties, the number of competitors, barriers to entry and exit barriers, technical change, such as user purchase behavior to ...

  • Reasons Why Choose Enameled Aluminum Wire

    Copper conducts electricity better than aluminum, so its heat loss is lower. It is easier to connect to a solid platinum winding than to use an aluminum strand. In turn, aluminum is lighter, and cooper and its heat capacity are about three times as large as copper, which makes aluminum better able t...

  • The Properties of Enameled Copper Wire

    Enameled wire has brought lots of benefits to our life. In addition], there are different kinds of enameled wire. First, let’s learn some differences between enameled copper wire and enameled aluminum wire. Copper conducts electricity better than aluminum, so its heat loss is lower. It is easier to ...