• How to Measure Enameled Copper Wire

    Enameled copper wire needs a very detailed requirements at the time of production. On-line measurement when product enameled wire can effectively control the quality of the product. But we all know, the speed of the production of enameled wire is very high. The measuring tool is no way to measure ex...

  • Quality Inspection Management Equipment of Enameled Wire

    Bare wire automatic alarm device: the enameling machine take up (take-up) before the last guide wheel to use non-insulated guide wheel, the relay, ON / OFF switch constitute a short circuit, when the coating (varnish) occurs abnormally naked Copper wire, the copper instant contact with the guide whe...

  • Water Temperature During Annealing of Enameled Wire

    The quality of the water in the bath is very important. Impurities in the water can cause the enameled wire to become unclean and affect the painting, making it impossible to form a smooth film. Use chlorine in the water should be less than 5mg / l, conductivity less than 50μΩ / cm. Chloride ions at...

  • The Processing Technology of Enameled Wire

    Enameled wire is the surface of the conductor coated with one or more insulating coating material, baked, cooled to form a wire with insulation. Enameled wire is a type of magnet wire (winding wire), which is a wire used for electromagnetic induction. In physics, it is pointed out that a magnetic fi...

  • Will Colors of Enameled Wire Influence Its Application

    The color of the enameled wire is barely not relevant to the performance and usage. It is mainly classified by insulating materials and specific application. Enameled wire is a major type of winding wire, composed by two parts, conductor and insulation. After annealing and softening the bare wire, a...