130 Class Enameled Aluminum Wire

Short Description:

Enameled aluminum round wire is a type of winding wire made by electric round aluminum rod which was drawn by dies with special size, then coated with enamel repeatedly. The product has excellent properties of mechanical strength, film adhesion and solvent resistance, light weight and flexibility. It has good direct weldability, which can effectively improve the work efficiency. Enameled wire is the main raw material of motor, electrical appliances and household appliances, especially in recent years, the electric power industry has achieved stability and rapid growth, and household appliances have developed rapidly. It is widely used in transformers, inductors, ballasts, electrical appliances, deflection coils in monitor, antimagnetized coils, induction cooker, microwave oven, reactor, etc.

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Product Types

QZL/130, PEWNA/130

Temperature Class(℃): B

Manufacturing Scope: Ф0.18-6.50mm, AWG 1-34, SWG 6~SWG 38

Standard: IEC, NEMA, JIS

Spool Type: PT15 - PT270, PC500

Package of Enameled Aluminum Wire: Pallet Packing

Certification: UL, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001, accept third party inspection as well

Quality Control: company internal standard is 25% higher than IEC standard

Advantages of Enameled Aluminum Wire

1) Aluminum wire is 30-60% cheaper than copper wire.

2) The weight of aluminum wire is only 1/3 of copper wire.

3) Aluminum has a fast speed of heat dissipation.

4) Aluminum wire is better than copper wire in the performance of Spring-back and Cut-through.

5) It has good direct weldability, which can effectively improve the work efficiency.

6) Good skin adhesion, heat resistance and chemical resistance.

7) Good insulation and corona resistance.

Product Details

130 Class Enameled Aluminum Wi4
130 Class Enameled Aluminum Wi5

Application of 130 Class Enameled Aluminum Wire

1.Induction cooker, microwave transformers, high frequency transformers, common transformers.

2.Inductance coils, ballasts, electromotors, household electromotors and micro-motors.

3. Magnetic wires used in monitor deflection coil.

4. Magnetic wires used in degaussing coil.

5.Magnetic wires used in antimagnetized coil.

6.Magnetic wires used in audio coil.

7. Magnetic wires used in electric fan, instrument and so on.

Spool & Container Weight

Packing Spool type Weight/Spool Maximum load quantity
 20GP 40GP/ 40NOR
Pallet PT15 6.5KG 12-13 tons 22.5-23 tons
PT25 10.8KG 14-15 tons 22.5-23 tons
PT60 23.5KG 12-13 tons 22.5-23 tons
PT90 30-35KG 12-13 tons 22.5-23 tons
PT200 60-65KG 13-14 tons 22.5-23 tons
PT270 120-130KG 13-14 tons 22.5-23 tons
PC500 60-65KG 17-18 tons 22.5-23 tons

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