• Insulation Performance Testing of Enameled Wire

    It has been pointed out earlier that considerable defects in the insulation are detected during the routine inspection of the enameled wire. Research laboratories in the past few years has been carrying out research work in order to develop more sophisticated mechanical stress under the enameled wir...

  • Fully Synthetic Paint of Enameled Wire

    We will consider a fully synthetic paint for the enameled wire. This lacquer also has two main components that exhibit the above balance of properties. The first component is polyvinylformal whose molecule is characterized by a) a predominantly linear structure, b) the appearance of a ring system of...

  • Insulation of Xinyu Enameled Aluminum Wire

    Although described as "enameled aluminum", enameled aluminum wire is not, in fact, coated with either a layer of enamel paint nor with vitreous enamel made of fused glass powder. Modern magnet wire typically uses one to four layers (in the case of quad-film type wire) of polymer film insulation, oft...

  • How to Use Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire for Motor

    Supplies you will need: Large rubber band (goes around the battery to hold the leads) Magnet 2 jumbo-sized paper clips Small gauge magnet enameled copper wire (enameled enameled copper wire) Marker Connecting enameled copper wire D-cell battery Packing foam or rubber eraser to use for the base Sandp...

  • The development of Paint of Enamelled Wire

    In the new paint and the old paint, we found an important structural principle, which is reflected to some extent in all types: the chemical composition of the oillacquer oil component of the resin composition. Winding stick together. This is useful, for example, in a coil where the coil must have a...