Enameled Round Wire

High-Quality Enameled Copper Wire Class 180 Polyester-Imide for Efficient Electrical Applications

Suzhou Wujiang Xinyu Electrical Material Co., Ltd. is a leading China-based manufacturer, supplier, and factory of enameled copper wire class 180 Polyester-Imide, popularly known as PIW. Our PIW product is specifically designed to meet stringent industry demands for high temperature-resistance, superior electrical conductivity, and anti-corrosion properties. Our enameled copper wire class 180 is made by coating premium-grade copper wire with a special Polyester-Imide (PI) enamel that ensures exceptional thermal stability even at extreme temperatures of up to 180°C. This makes our PIW product ideal for use in power generators, transformers, motors, and other electronics applications that demand reliability and performance. With years of experience in the electrical material industry, Suzhou Wujiang Xinyu Electrical Material Co., Ltd. has built a reputation for providing high-quality and cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations. Our enameled copper wire class 180 Polyester-Imide product is the perfect example of our commitment to quality and innovation. Contact us today to learn more about our PIW product and how it can benefit your industry applications.

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